Friday, March 31, 2006

Vote for this! (today is no 2's birthday!!!)

老 二支持者请注意,除了要支持老二,到 musicrama 投票之外,还得 《send to friend》,告诉各位乡亲父老,姨妈姑姐,叔叔婶婶,好朋友们,让他们也来投票,再让他们也 《send to friend》,要他们的乡亲父老,姨妈姑姐,叔叔婶婶,好朋友们,也来投票。老二是多多益善的知道吗。ok 讲完了。快去投票吧!


I saw this video on Looks like a winner! View it here:

If you like it, be sure to vote for it. Cast the most number of votes for the winning entry and you’ll win a Nokia 3250.

There’s more up for grabs! Submit a video of yourself singing your heart out on Musicrama and win a set of hot new Nokia 3250 phones in various colours.



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