Friday, January 15, 2010

《大马自游人Malaysia Travelers Club》特别消息 Special News:

我们将于 30/1/2010 出发前往日本关西,4/2/2010 返KL。有兴趣随行的朋友请联络我们并自行订票。马航现在有到大阪的低价票,可以直接
网上订购。真正要随行的朋友请联络我们以预订住宿。要延期的朋友订票时请注意回程日期。 延期者如果需要我们帮忙处理住宿安排,我们将收取少许手续费。

we'll be leaving for Japan Kansai on 30/1/2010, returning on 4/2/2010, you are welcomed to tag along. pls book your ticket only at Malaysia Airlines website, they are offering MHLow fares now. Those who are serious pls contact us for accommodation booking. if you plan to extend your stay, pls take note on return date when booking air tickets. should you need help on accommodation booking(s) during your extension, nominal surcharge applies.


Jackie Chan

Suki Goh